Berezin, Evelyn

Berezin, Evelyn
b. 1925 New York, USA
American pioneer in computer technology.
Born into a poor family in the Bronx, New York City, Berezin first majored in business studies but transferred her interest to physics. She graduated in 1946 and then, with the aid of an Atomic Energy Commission fellowship, she obtained her PhD in cosmic ray physics at New York University. When the fellowship expired, opportunities in the developing field of electronic data processing seemed more promising than thise in physics. Berezin entered the firm of Electronic Computer Corporation in 1951 and was asked to "build a computer", although few at that time had actually seen one; the result was the Elecom 200. In 1953, for Underwood Corporation, she designed the first office computer, although it was never marketed, as Underwood sold out to Olivetti.
Berezin's next position was as head of logic design for Teleregister Corporation in the late 1950s. Here, she led a team specializing in the design of on-line systems. Her most notable achievement was the design of a nationwide online computer reservation system for United Airlines, the first system of this kind and the precursor of similar on-line systems. It was installed in the early 1960s and was the first large non-military on-line interactive system.
In the 1960s Berezin moved to the Digitronics Corporation as manager of logic design, her work here resulted in the first high-speed commercial digital communications terminal. Also in the 1960s, her involvement in Data Secretary, a challenger to the IBM editing typewriter, makes it possible to regard her as one of the pioneers of word processing. In 1976 Berezin transferred from the electronic data and computing field to that of financial management.
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